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  • Technical overview "AUTO RAD" Novi Sad
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Aluminium doors and windows

We produce aluminum doors and windows from profiles with or without thermal brake from aluminum alloy AlMgSi 0,5. Surface treatment of profiles is done with anode oxidation with thickness of 18-24 microns in color of the customer's choice or with powder coating in any color from RAL color scheme. All doors and windows are equipped with adequate high quality accessories from Italian and German producers according to the type of opening. All outside visible parts of accessories are anodized or powder coated; all other parts are galvanized and permanently protected from corrosion. Glazing is done with highest quality thermo insulation glass of float quality at customer choice. Gaskets are made of EPDM rubber with homogeny hardness in black color. Heat flow coefficient of window frame made of aluminum profiles:
* With thermal brake is Uf= 2,3-2,9 W/(m2K),
* Without thermal brake is Uf= 6,15 W/(m2K),
However, total coefficient for whole window depends of glass type, which is installed.

Thanks to above mentioned characteristics ALU doors and windows without thermal brake are a right solution for all interior parties and spaces where only sound and hydro isolation is important. Doors and windows made of profiles with thermal brake are top solution which fulfills all contemporary requests for thermal, hydro and sound isolation and it is used for buildings which are heated or air conditioned.
ALU windows and doors are possible to produce, besides classical wing opening, with following opening systems:
1. Sliding - with 2 or 3 guides on which sliding wings are leaned buy wheels in bottom zone, which is usually applied for the facilities of open type such as gardens or terrace where excellent insulation is not of main importance,
2. Slide-tilt - which besides sliding opening provides excellent sealing of window so it can be used for spaces where quality thermal and sound insulation is requested,
3. Accordion -foresaw for big gardens and terraces with unlimited number of wings which are assembled as accordion (only important thing is that on one side slides not even number of wings so we can have systems of opening 1+3, 1+5, 3+3, 3+5, 3+7,3+5, all wings on one side...) and
4. Grilles-shutters - which give Mediterranean note to the building, shutter lamellas can be fixed or moveable and shutters can be equipped with fixates for fixing of grilles in open position.
In our offer, we have also production of office party walls made of ALU profiles. This system offers possibility of installation of electric circuits of low and high voltage through party wall and lot of possibilities of space dividing. Glass is installed in two layers so we get glass wall with air space in total thickness of D=75 mm with possibility of installation of venetian blinds.