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Rolling shutters, mosquito nets and windowsills

Rolling shutters are made of aluminum thermo blinds that in all weather conditions proved to be optimal. Opening of rolling shutters is possible:
1) In a standard way by a belt,
2) Optionally with the crank,
3) By an electro motor, with a remote control or with a push button.
Rolling shutter box can be made in two ways:
a) PVC box with thermal insulation is mounted above window and it is used in new buildings when there is a "teeth" for rolling shutter. If there is no "teeth" than it can be used if installation of this box with height of 18,6 cm does not make problem for good illumination of room./
b) ALU box is mounted in front of window and it is used for installation of rolling shutters on existing doors and windows or in new buildings when there is no "teeth" for rolling shutters. This box has smaller dimensions and it is more rational considering reduction of "light height".

Mosquito nets can be mounted together with rolling shutters or independently. They are made in two ways:

1) Fixed - where net is mounted on fixed aluminum frame that can be removed completely when there is no necessity for mosquito nets.
2) Rollo - that as rolling shutter has box in which net is quill. They can be mounted in vertical direction as rolling shutters or in horizontal direction, which is used for balcony doors.
Standard rolling shutters, mosquito nets and outside windowsills we made in colors: white, silver and brown according to color schemes here enclosed. For bigger quantities, it is possible to order other non-standard colors. Internal PVC windowsills are made in white color and in marble design.