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Sectional garage doors

For buildings where classical way of opening is not possible because of small space or dimensions of opening area the right solution is sectional door that with a special mechanism lift under the ceiling.
Sectional garage door are made of compact "sandwich-panels" with thermal brake and heat flow coefficient of U=0,78 W/m2K filled with polyurethane with total thickness of d=42 mm. These panels are electrolytic protected and then powder coated. Door noiselessly slides through steel zinc coated guides by Teflon wheels with ball bearing. Guides have very long life thanks to extraordinary resistance of special alloy, way of production and protection of profiles. Balancing is made through torsion springs tested on 50.000 openings and dimensioned buy computer program exactly for your door so you can easily open even heavy industrial door. Thermal insulated door are equipped with electrolytic protected, zinc-coated accessories. Standard door packing is done parallel with ceiling on height of 25-40 cm from the ceiling into steel guides (LL). It is possible to make partly vertical packing (HL), totally vertical packing (VL) or packing into guides with angle different from 90°. Opening of door is possible by electric motor (with remote control or push button) or mechanically. In case off electric power off it is very easy to transfer to manual opening mode.
Section doors can be adapted to the needs of the space with installation of:

• Small windows from Plexiglas,
• Small passing door,
• Ventilation grid and
• Sensors for automatic opening stop in case of movement under the door.