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  • Commercial building "Nova Trgovina" Brcko
  • Commercial building "Nova Trgovina" Brcko
  • Auto Service "Samardzic" Belgrad
  • Object "Mühlbauer" Stara Pazova
  • Object "Mühlbauer" Stara Pazova
  • Classic glass facade
  • Administrative building "Mandic commerce" in Derventa
  • Business center "Gataric" in Krnješevci, Belgrade
  • Gas station "Jelen" in Brcko

Glass facades

Glass facades represent a contemporary trend in public building construction. They are produced from aluminum profiles, which make construction of facade and which are dimensioned with statically calculation. Detailed specifications of materials used for production of glass facades are given in chapter "Aluminum doors and windows". Glass facades can be made as:

• Structural - where aluminum profiles cannot be seen on facade, but only the glass, so the facade has the appearance of a big glass plate, and glass is glued to aluminum frame with special structural silicones and it has constructive function,
• Semi-structural - where thin aluminum frame with width of approximately 15 mm is visible on edge of glass field, but we get more secure construction with this since glass is installed in aluminum frame, which takes main constructive function,
• Classical - curtain wall where parties on glass facade are done with visible aluminum profiles with width of approximately 50 mm.

Opening of wing at structural and semi-structural facades is possible only around top horizontal axe in direction towards outside. In classical curtain walls, it is possible to make standard opening towards inside around one or both axes. Facades are glazed with thermal insulated glasses where outside glass has to be tempered or laminated (pamplex), to avoid accidents caused by braking of glass.